Back at it… maybe

Okay, so it’s been two years and no updates. Yes I’ve been bad. Not bad in any legal sense (that would be silly), but bad in that I just haven’t found the time to blog. Not that I had a lot of followers anyway, but it seems that the necessary evil that is Facebook has been my primary method of keeping my circle of friends and family informed of my activities. So I shall try to add a weekly tidbit to this page for the coming year or so, and see what happens.

I’ll be putting new pictures up on my recently renewed Flickr page, ( and linking to them when I add new photos.

Other news… I’m still in Garden Valley, although I did winter in Montana this year. Looks like it’s probably going to be a busy fire year, which means more money in the bank account and less time for friends and family this summer, unfortunately. But that’s still a few months away… who knows what will happen.

Until next time…. Cheers!


About Justin Vernon

I'm an amateur photographer, wanna-be writer, tech aficionado, and a classic introvert who values quiet time as much as I do the mountains and people of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.
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