November updates


Above:  Goat Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho.

Hello internet! It’s been a while since the last spurt of posts, especially personal posts, so I thought I’d put some words to paper and see where they end up taking me.

It’s been a busy year, with a lot of travel, an incredible amount of waiting around, and not much for “normal” personal time.  While I was busy with work for the most part, I did manage to sneak away to the Sawtooths a few times this summer, which was something I really hadn’t been able to do since I’ve lived in Boise.  All told I made it up there four times, mainly for photos, and got to check some items off the “Justin’s Idaho bucket list” before promptly replacing them with some new things to see and photograph.

It’s easy to see why the Sawtooth Range holds such a special place in the hearts of Idaho outdoor folks.  It’s an amazing mountain range, simply stunning in its beauty.  It gets busy, of course, being relatively close to the Boise metro area, as well as Twin Falls and the whole Ketchum/Sun Valley scene, but if you time it right it’s still possible to hike for hours without feeling crowded.   But I digress…

Overall it’s been a good summer, with the expected ups and downs, and a lot of challenges to overcome, personally and professionally.  I’ve learned a fair amount about myself, which isn’t really news, as life is a journey in which I seem to discover something new around every bend, some good, some bad.  On the good front, I earned a professional certificate in aviation safety management through a local community college, and became certified as a Federal Aviation Safety Officer, which sounds more important than it is, but is still something I’m proud of achieving nonetheless.  I’ve also been able to get a bit more serious about my photography in a minor way, and I’ve been able to get some great images simply by being lucky, and in the right place at the right time.

As the winter progresses I’ll try to be better about posting, and I’ll share some images and stories from the past few months.  I’ve got a few new ones to share, and sharing images and stories is something I really, truly enjoy, so stay tuned.  I’ll get around to it eventually.

Until next time…


About Justin Vernon

I'm an amateur photographer, wanna-be writer, tech aficionado, and a classic introvert who values quiet time as much as I do the mountains and people of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.
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